Expo Floor Keynotes/Plenary Sessions

(K1) Keynote Address: The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune and Survival in the Age of Networks — Joshua Cooper Ramo


8:30 am - 9:30 am

The Digital Age we live in is as transformative as the Industrial Revolution and Joshua Cooper Ramo explains how to survive. If you find yourself longing for a disconnected world where information is not always at your fingertips, you may eventually be as useful as the carriage maker post-Henry Ford. It's practically impossible to know where the marriage of imagination and technology will take us (sorry Betamax and Kodak), and the only certainty is that in the networked world we will only become more intertwined. Is it possible to not become hopelessly tangled?

Joshua Cooper Ramo, a policy expert who has advised the most powerful nations and corporations, says yes—if you are ready to ride the disruption. Drawing on examples from business, science and politics, Ramo illuminates our transformative world. Start by imagining a near future when America's greatest power is not its military or its economy, but its control of the Internet.

Joshua's called his book THE SEVENTH SENSE because what we’ll need in order to navigate what comes next is not merely specific answers, but a kind of instinct for what life in a connected age looks like. We all need to have a hunch for what will and won't work. How do you react to what you’ve never seen before? Whether it is waves of refugees, new ways of war, fresh approaches to making money or life-changing biological revolutions—what you will find you need is a new way of thinking as we step towards marking the dimensions a new and historic era.

A new landscape of power is emerging now. That's why our old maps aren't as useful. This book is the story of this new terrain. And it is the tale of the instinct that will divide those who master the age ahead from those who will be mastered by it.