Acquisition Management

(AM-3) The SEWP In-Depth Training Session — NASA SEWP


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Darlene Coen

Deputy Program Manager


The SEWP In-Depth training session is designed for federal procurement and technology professionals who have experience with SEWP and have attended SEWP training in the past 12 months. This session will spend less time reviewing the SEWP V program and more time on SEWP’s new features and capabilities. This session is expected to last approximately two hours.

The following will be covered during the Advanced Training session:

  • A Brief Overview of SEWP V
  • Expanded SEWP V Scope: New Products and Services
  • Demonstration of the New Features of the RFQ Toolset
  • New Market Research Tool (MRT) Features
  • New and Expanded Information in the Quote Verification File
  • New SEWP Order Reports
  • Government Strategic Sourcing (GSS) Catalog Capability

Learning Objectives:

  • New features and capabilities of SEWP V contracts
  • Learn how SEWP's new and enhanced online tools can make procurement more efficient
  • Strategic acquisition guidance for procurement and technical professionals
  • How to utilize SEWP Government-Wide Strategic Sourcing Catalog to follow OMB Memorandum M-16-02