Acquisition Management

(AM-4) Innovative Acquisitions — Department of Health and Human Services


3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Mark Naggar

Project Manager — Buyers Club

Department of Health and Human Services

During this course, you will learn about innovative acquisitions, the HHS Buyers Club, various procurement methods and how they result in successful outcomes. Several use cases and examples will be shared to fully explain why these innovative approaches work and how they can benefit your agency. The traditional approach to the acquisition of IT services has greater risks than modern methods, but the federal government has been slow to catch on and is both experiencing high failure rates as well as growing pains. Learn how private sector approaches to entrepreneurship and innovation relates to public sector acquisitions and what you can put into practice to ensure greater success while minimizing risk. Some of the key takeaways here involve frequent user engagement, collaborating early and often, and evaluating potential vendors/contractors based on the mission needs. These takeaways, and others, will help you improve your acquisition environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Innovative Acquisitions: What exactly does that mean?
  • How private sector innovation and entrepreneurship relates to public sector acquisitions?
  • Breaking down the silos: What we can learn from within our own agencies, throughout the federal government and beyond?
  • Acquisition 360 (360-degree feedback): Why is this so valuable?
  • Use Cases from the HHS Buyers Club