The ACQUIRE Feed - Issue 18

August 26, 2016 - Issue 18

Future-readying the federal workforce (FCW)

Most agencies have the data and domain knowledge needed to drive innovation. Now they need a culture that attracts and nurtures the necessary talent.

Insight by Mike Causey: In case you didn't hear (Federal Soup)

The Heritage Foundation believes you, as a federal civil servant, make way too much money and get benefits that are overly generous. And that there are too many of you. And that you're not only living off the fat of the land, but you ARE the fat of the land! (Login required)

Scott ties two legacy IT efforts together (FCW)

ITMF, Move IT legacy system renewal efforts aren’t mutually exclusive, said federal CIO.

Report: NASA makes a strong statement in contract dispute (FCW)

In an unusual move, NASA has let an IT system authority to operate lapse as a means of calling attention to a problematic contract.

GSA working for meaningful shared-services impact (FCW)

The General Services Administration wants to sharpen its understanding of how agencies plan to use shared services.

The IT leadership that agencies need (FCW)

FITARA has raised the bar for what's expected of agency CIOs, and efforts are underway to make sure the government hires accordingly.

Why agile is a state of mind (FCW)

Developing more efficient and imaginative ways to craft agile IT contracts is about practical thinking, not contract type, says one expert.

Pathways Programs show high retention rate (Federal Soup)

A recent poll of Pathways Program appointees showed that 93 percent of those surveyed plan to remain at their current agencies or continue to work in the federal government in the immediate future, according to a new study released this week by the Office of Personnel Management. (Login required)

Move to DevOps takes some fearlessness (FCW)

As they transition to quicker, more efficient DevOps-based IT environments, agencies have to be bold, federal experts say.