The ACQUIRE Feed - Issue 17

August 5, 2016 - Issue 17

GAO says agencies lack data on telework costs (Federal Soup)

A study finds a range of benefits resulting from the government's telework programs, but GAO said the agencies it studied had little data to support benefits or costs associated with the programs.

Federal Benefits Q&A (Federal Soup)

Question: "My full retirement age for Social Security is 66. At 66 I can draw 100% of Social Security widow's benefits. If I continue to work as a CSRS employee, I understand my Social Security widow's benefits will not be reduced. Is this correct? If I retire from CSRS, under the WEP, will my Social Security benefits be reduced?" (Login required)

How to be a more effective IT buyer (FCW)

Armed with data on their spending patterns, suppliers and markets, agencies can manage their demand for IT and shape suppliers' behavior.

GSA releases playbook for enterprise risk management (FCW)

The CFO Council and the Performance Improvement Council have released guidance to help agencies meet new risk management requirements in OMB's revised Circular A-123.

The secret to handling stress (FCW)

Steve Kelman explores the research on workplace stress occupations—and offers some suggestions for dealing with it constructively.

DOD unveils Boston innovation hub (FCW)

The Defense Department opened DIUx 2.0 in Boston while announcing a faster agile tech development capability and new prototype work.

How end users can make or break an agency migration (FCW)

IT modernization is a risky endeavor, and agencies too often overlook the human factor.

OMB issues A-130 update (FCW)

The long-awaited update to Circular A-130 addresses a range of cybersecurity issues, including insider threats and feds' use of personal email accounts at work.

DHS official: Cloud fuels progress (FCW)

CTO Michael Hermus says the cloud "represents endless opportunity" for DHS and other federal agencies because it shifts the focus from infrastructure to mission-oriented services.

New data center guidance shifts emphasis from consolidation to optimization (FCW)

OMB's Data Center Optimization Initiative gives agencies new metrics and goals for fiscal 2018.