The ACQUIRE Feed - Issue 14

June 17, 2016 - Issue 14

Survey: 'Oversight doesn't love innovation' (FCW)

A recent survey by Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council reveals reservations about the potential for innovation in the federal acquisition process.

It's time to trash your legacy system and rewrite from scratch (FCW)

At least one federal tech chief has become convinced that instead of prolonged, incremental modernization of legacy IT, agencies should just rewrite their entire systems in a modern environment.

ACQUIRE Show: What you missed at Happy Fed (Federal Soup)

"When Open Season comes, what should I be looking at?" "Should I contribute to the Roth TSP or traditional TSP?" "How long should I wait before collecting Social Security?" Those were some of the many questions feds sought answers to at the Happy Fed Pavilion at the ACQUIRE Conference & EXPO earlier this month.

Inventology: Making your own luck (FCW Bookshelf)

Pagan Kennedy explores what it takes to truly invent—and whether we can find ways to encourage more of it.

Everydata: When data deceives (FCW Bookshelf)

Never mind big data—John H. Johnson and Mike Gluck warn that the little data can create real confusion all by itself.

CRACK99: Inside the world of cybercrime (FCW Bookshelf)

Former federal prosecutor David Locke Hall recounts the investigation and takedown of a $100 million cybercrime operation.

Are agencies collaborating with each other more than they used to? (FCW)

Steve Kelman argues that cross-agency coordination is not quite as quixotic as he once believed.

Davie takes over as IT category manager (FCW)

An experienced federal IT hand has taken over of the Office of Management and Budget's crucial IT acquisition category under the government-wide category management initiative.

Lawmakers see promise in 18F and USDS, despite a few warning signs (FCW)

The digital services teams could do more to align with FITARA, but overseers displayed as much optimism as scrutiny following a GAO report on the teams' work.

How agencies seek to shape the acquisition process (FCW)

Revamping the federal acquisition process requires innovation and a creative approach to break with the way things have been done and appeal to the incoming workforce.

OPM announces agreement with Penn State online program (Federal Soup)

Federal employees, their spouses and legal dependents now will be able to receive a 5 percent reduction on Penn State World Campus tuition rates, the Office of Personnel Management announced June 14.