The ACQUIRE Feed - Issue 12

May 13, 2016 - Issue 12

New White House guidance charts future of shared services (FCW)

The Obama administration is looking to make sure its advances on shared services becomes a permanent fixture of government.

Management 101: It really does work (FCW)

Steve Kelman spotlights new research that shows several "best practices" do indeed measurably improve organizational performance.

What DIUx might mean for intel (FCW)

The intelligence community wants to build on the Pentagon's effort to get private-sector innovators involved earlier in the acquisition cycle.

OMB tells agencies to focus on transition (FCW)

With a new president due in 2017, OMB is asking agencies to get ready for the transition rather than focus on fiscal 2018 budget plans.

Stopping the federal IT security brain drain (FCW)

To secure the talent they need, agencies must either find a way boost pay or fundamentally change the government-contractor relationship.

Issa: Better standards needed for IoT (FCW)

Rep. Darrell Issa joined industry and agency experts in urging a proactive approach to security and privacy standards for the Internet of Things.

DISA goes commercial for milCloud 2.0 (Defense Systems)

The agency says the next version of its cloud computing service will be operated by a commercial provider, though on DOD property and strictly for DOD users.

Hiring process broken, fed officials say (Federal Soup)

Federal officials this week acknowledged that a lack of collaboration between hiring managers and human resources staff is hindering the government’s ability to find and hire the best candidates.

8 tech trends that will drive public sector change (GCN)

"Innovating in the Digital Era: A Public Sector Perspective," Deloitte's annual Technology Trends report capturing perspectives on IT trends from clients, industries, academia, start-ups, venture capitalists and leading tech vendors.

Worrying about money, retirement can affect your work (Federal Soup)

Many things in life can cause the stress, but a new worldwide study looked at how financial worries at home affect people in the office.