The ACQUIRE Feed - Issue 1


Government waste playbook highlights 'fumbles' (FCW)

Sen. James Lankford's "Federal Fumbles" report highlights dozens of wasteful missteps in federal spending.

Can Tony Scott get it all done? (FCW)

The U.S. CIO has made a mantra of "land the planes" and pushed notable improvements in his first nine months. But the to-do list for 2016 is long indeed.

When government organizations learn how to learn (FCW)

The New York Police Department's anti-terror unit is a great example of performance measurement and a willingness to reinvent, Steve Kelman notes.

FEMA still lags on IT coordination, watchdog says (FCW)

The Department of Homeland Security's inspector general says FEMA has improved the way it handles IT projects since the last audit in 2011, but work remains.

GSA's Integrated Award Environment embraces GitHub (GCN)

The General Service Administration has put the IAE codebase on the popular code repository platform and looks to focus developer outreach efforts there as well.

PSC says DHS request could eliminate competition (Federal Times)

The council says the RFP for the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center may be too broad and could take away competition for services that currently exist in the contractor market.

Program management could soon be coming to agencies (Federal Times)

The Program Management Improvement Accountability Act would seek to improve how agencies manage their projects by establishing standards for program management and designating program managers as a formal position within the federal government.

Revamping IRS electronic fraud detection could waste $18 million a year (Federal Times)

A report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration concluded the IRS didn't have an efficient plan for replacing the decades-old Electronic Fraud Detection System with the newer version, called the Return Review Program.

Navy makes its first awards under Innovation Cell framework (Federal News Radio)

The goal of the innovation cell is to evaluate, buy and insert new commercial technologies onto its networks within the space of one year.

The current state of government contracting (Federal News Radio)

In this broadcast, Bill Gormley, president of The Gormley Group, joined host Roger Waldron to for a wide ranging discussion of category management, the common acquisition platform, and the current state of government contracting.